About Us


Since the beginning of time, humans have drawn up schematics to describe and categorize their personalities. From the four temperaments theory to the latest advances in psychology, we have been aiming to fit the variables and complexities of human personality into well-defined models, or in modern words: Kinds.
Being the best is great, you’re the number one. Being unique is greater, you’re the only one.
By seeking to be unique, we decided to change how we think, what we do and mainly we changed our appearance and started wearing unique clothes because we realized how being one of a kind can be of benefit in our life. Starting with our social life, humans tend to be attracted and be more curious toward anything special, time has changed and people are no longer interested in a perfect person but rather they are into a person that does not look like the rest, stereotypes became boring. Be one of a kind.
Secondly, a unique person is always satisfied and confident for the fact that he/she does not compare himself/herself with any one, he/she adapt a peerless style that distinguish him/her from the rest, a style based on unique clothes.
It is from this desire to be unique that Shop Your Kind was launched, for a charitable goal mainly, and to feed your uniqueness by providing you with the latest and the best clothes and accessories that will surely make you more and more special.
Each kind have a unique style that differ it from the rest, and our job is to bring those one of a kind apparels to you in a mix of great quality, low prices and peerless designs.



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A « kind » is something that each of us has, we just have to identify it, understand it, and then live it. It projects your mood, personality and you as a whole, reflecting your personal interests, lifestyle, inspirations, and even your past. It is simply who you are.
When you find your kind you know you look great and feel confident when you leave your home. Whether you prefer Artsy, Aesthetic, Cutester, geek or any other kind, we can help you get the best and the latest products that suit you and reflect the real “you”.
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Why we are unique

Shop Your Kind is a shop for uniqueness, we believe that every single person have something special that makes him/her peerless and what makes Shop Your Kind unique is the nature of our connection with our customers, or how we prefer to call them: Close Friends
We focus mainly on creating strong bonds with our customers by getting to know them as friends and not as a company, that is why we keep our customers always satisfied, by considering them as a high priority and by thinking about them as we think about ourselves.
We aim to share the love and friendship with every new friend we get to know. Contact us on Instagram or Facebook, we will be happy to make a new friendship.

Embrace who you really are

If you already know your kind and recognize it from the list above, then go ahead and dive into unique clothes made and designed professionally to reflect your kind, and if you still do not know what you are really into, take your time and explore each kind, you will end up by feeling comfortable toward one that will suits you.
Embrace your kind, be proud of it and you will be unique, more loved and more attractive.