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Aesthetic style is a way of dressing that is not only unique but also attractive from all perspectives, starting from the deep color combinations to the peerless designs, so if you are looking for easy steps to adopt the Aesthetic style and show it to the world then you need to continue reading (A free gift in step 2).
Read more about what is aesthetic style.
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1) Get inspired

Aesthetic style is everything but limited, which means that you need to see some models and designs in order to get more familiar with it. Shop Your Kind bring new aesthetic tops every week and here are the best categories to help you find what you are into.
Vaporwave: The Vaporwave style is inspired by New age music that gives a peerless mix of taste and beauty
It’s all in your head Aesthetic T-shirt

Korean Aesthetic:
The Korean Aesthetic Fashion is inspired by Korean trends, this peerless style is aesthetically pleasing for the K-pop fans.
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Ask your mom for her old jeans, put on a top from the nostalgic ones below and go amaze’em
I’m Just A Little Clumsy Sailor T-Shirt
Simple Aesthetic: Minimalist but meaningful and leaning toward simple colors like black and white
Creation Hands T-shirt
Each category reflects a unique mood and have special “charm”, find your charm and learn more about it. You will find yourself more and more comfortable in it.

2) Get your aesthetic top

Now that you know what you are into, here is a gift for you to help you get your first unique aesthetic shirt: aesthetic10
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vaporwave Aesthetic korean fashion


3) Create your own combination

Aesthetic and creativity are two faces of the same coin, which mean you can always use your imagination to create some unique combinations that impress anyone. Those combinations are based on the colors used and here are some inspirations
  • Denim and yellow
  • Denim and red
  • Light pink and light grey
  • Black and pink
  • Black and yellow
  • Light blue and grey
  • Dark green and black
  • Blue and yellow
  • Green and gold or silver
  • Red, white, and blue

4) Makeup

Now that you completed your aesthetic outfit, it is time for the final touches. Makeup need to suit your outfit colors harmonically, you can use:
  • Red Eye shadow
  • Freckles
  • High blush
In the end, if you treat your body well it will show, treat yourself good and you will look amazing

5) Show your aesthetic to the world

One of our customers from Germany once bought the creation hands shirt and when she sent us her pictures wearing it, we were just amazed.


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Another satisfied customer Thank you @_oekaraosman_ Get the creation hands t-shirt now on Shop Your Kind Be special, wear special ❤

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Taking good photos is an essential part of being aesthetic, and here are some useful instructions to help you share your aesthetic look with the world:
  • Selfies:
    There are two things that can ruin a good selfie: lighting and pose, for the pose you can always scroll through aesthetic images on Instagram for some inspirations, on the other side, you can actually go outside for some natural lighting but make sure the light is not too bright because that will look cheap
  • Spend time with people you love:
    The best photos you can take is with people you love, capture your good moments and you joy together.
  • Don’t be afraid:
    Don’t be afraid when taking photos in public, people may look at you funny, but guess what? You will never see those people again so why let the idea of their judgment prevent you from looking aesthetic


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