Shop Your Kind is a shop made for unique people and contains a wide range of special clothes for each kind
The first thing that your eyes catch when you access Shop Your Kind is the slideshow, it contains the latest sales, new updates and special offers.
Under the slide we find the most popular kinds on Shop Your Kind, in other words the most visited pages and the most bought products.
In the bottom of the homepage we find the rest of the kinds, each kind page contains more one of a kind products

You can find your kind of products by various ways: You can access the shop page, take a tour and find what you feel comfortable toward
You can visit the kinds page , read about each kind and explore each one individually
Or you can even take our quiz to know your kind and find exactly what you are into, visit the quiz page: Who are you?
Take your time to explore each kind, you never know what you like until you see it
And then you find what you want
When you like a product, click on its image, that will take you to its page for more details about it
Each product have two variations: size and color, choose each one and then click on Add to cart.
On the top of the page you will see a message saying that the product was added successfully
Continue shopping and add more products or click on view cart to proceed.
Your cart now contains the products you chose, you can see from here details about shipping and price, in addition to that you can apply a coupon code if you have one
Click on proceed to checkout to continue
The final step
The checkout page contains fields about your details and your payment method
Fill every field carefully, we will use those information to ship your order accordingly, if you made a mistake but you placed the order, contact us here and we will fix the problem.
Click on place order after checking the box above it
Note that your personal information will not be shared or used for any other purpose than shipping your orders
Your security matters, so we recently improved our security system by adding a new security layer to the SSL. Mcafee
reinforce privacy and hide your payment details from any third parties
After completing those steps you order will be registered and in process. In about 2 days it will be shipped and you will receive E-mails that notify you with every new about your order and ways to track it
Ready, set, go and discover hundreds of unique clothes exclusively on Shop Your Kind