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Shop Your Kind, a unique shop made for unique people that sells unique tops.
At first glance that what it may appear, and originally Shop Your Kind was inspired by a state wherein someone is unlike anyone else, a condition of uniqueness that makes us feel different and happy about it. This inspiration made a start to a whole new world of tops designed for unique people.
But first…

Who are those unique people?

In every place where we spend time to meet new people like school, work or in parties we end up by meeting persons who look different, and because style is the first thing our eyes catch, this difference is usually interpreted in the way they dress. Whether they tend to wear unique shirts with weird designs or printed t-shirts of anime and video games, those people are unique and we, at Shop Your Kind, are all about them, after all we are a team of unique people who look forward to making being one of a kind something to be proud of.
Talent and success are born with the things we are into, the geekiness we had as teens and the desire to discover and learn may grow one day to a talent in developing or coding. In the same way, being a gamer or an otaku may also become one day creativity that makes the world a better place.
Unique people don’t care about what others say about them, they are just who they really are: Happy about what they love and reflecting it in the unique tops they wear and the love they share.

Shop Your Kind: A shop for unique people

Shop Your Kind is the first and the only shop made for one of a kind people, categorizing each kind and offering the best and the most unique tops at cheap prices and free worldwide shipping to share and spread the love.
Adorable Heart-shaped eyes, bubblegum pink, and a touch of Harajuku.
Adorable kind is cute in the sense of actions and personality, and always looking young and heartful
Punk Leather, edges and then turn on the music
Punk kind is indifferent, don't tend to follow any kind of guide lines and it's associated with rebellion and anti-establishment.
Fantasy Imaginary, fictional and legendary
Fantasy Kind has a special vision to the world, from speculative fictions to fairy tales, this kind can create a special beauty from imagination.
Gamer New game, join server and GAME ON!
Gamer kind is creative, with an imagination bigger than Minecraft map.
Otaku Anime, manga and Japanophilia
Otaku kind is remarkable, with a mind immersed in vivid colors and a value of friendship
Geek Passion, obsess and then “geekiness”
Geek kind is passionate, always up-to-date with a lot of interests and desire to discover and learn.
Aesthetic Beauty, colors and a special vision
Aesthetic kind is colorful, with an appreciation of nature and beauty and a unique taste of life
Artsy Art, taste and creativity
Artsy kind is inspirational, take time to stop and observe the world, and seek the deeper meanings in things
Goo Comfy, normal and simple
Goo kind is unpretentious, choosing neutral colors and relaxed fits with sporty motifs.

We, at Shop Your Kind precisely choose the most unique and the best kinds based on how special and popular the products we will be providing are, we always end up by bringing the most unique tops at the best prices and ship them for free to more than 200 countries.

Our sacred value

Friendship matters, that is why we consider it as a high priority by giving the customer support our most efforts, reach us on our contact page or on Instagram, we will be very happy to get to know you. Creating strong bonds with our customers is considered as a sacred value on Shop Your Kind and we cannot move any further if one of our customers is unsatisfied, for a simple a reason: we consider them as close friends, and our friends’ feelings matter more than anything else.


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