Why you should wear unique?
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Our world today is becoming a place full of stereotypes, and major brains washings to every single aspect of our lives, starting from the way we think to the way we look, making us less and less unique, or in other words that might be cruel: A herd. But inside that herd, life cast a faint light of hope inside someone, a one of a kind mind who wear unique by being indifferent toward any form of guidelines and with a unique look that distinguishes it from the rest.
Why you should wear unique
Artists, popular figures and even businesses became aware of the fact that in order to be better you essentially need to be unique, Gaga tends to wear weird dresses (e.g the meat dress) to be different while food companies use new designs and new flavors to be special, and the main goal, in the end, is to be one of a kind, which proves that you can make your life far better just by being unique. So how to reflect your uniqueness? And how wearing unique can bring you more opportunities in life?


Reflect your uniqueness (How to wear unique?)

Believe it or not, the first thing people notice when meeting a new person is their style, and deep inside they consider this style as a reflection of the personality in front of them, or as we love to call it here, a reflection of their kind.
It’s all in your head Aesthetic T-shirt

It’s all in your head Aesthetic T-shirt

The way you dress can tell if you are just another random person, or a unique one that people would love to talk to and spend time with in order to discover more about them. The way you dress comes before anything else and it can make you appear more approachable and as someone who isn’t afraid to be unique. In contrast, if you wear normal, you will be considered as “just another one”.
Shia LaBeouf with a normcore style is obviously not just another one


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Your memories, the things you used to like and your motifs can all be reflected in the shirt or the hoodie you are wearing, so while a cutester see a pink world full of cuteness and heart-shaped eyes, an Aesthetic can see it as a pastel universe with vaporwave music playing all over. And both kinds reflect this vision through their clothes.
Cutester Kind

Aesthetic Kind

You are unique, and the world loves people who aren’t following what others do, so don’t waste a single moment hesitating to not reflect your kind. If you are an Otaku, let everybody know that you love anime and reading manga, and if you are an Artsy, love your passion and reflect it by wearing artistic clothes immersed in colors and art. We need original minds because as people, we get tired and bored from wearing the same over and over again.

Wear unique and life will be full of joy and opportunities.

I still remember how I met my first squad when I was in middle school, we were five friends united by the love of video games, anime, and geekiness. It was from that friendship that I learned how wearing unique can surround you with people with the same passions and most importantly:
  • Unique people who are not afraid to step away from the rest
  • Unique people who move in their own path, take criticism and kept going anyway
  • They do what in their heart
When you wear unique, you feel more confident, more special, full of energy and ready to take any challenge because, in the end, it will always be dwarfed by a bigger challenge you took: Being different.
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Be your true self and do not be afraid to reflect it in the way you dress, always be confident and proud of your kind, and just when you learn to accept yourself as you are and love yourself, just then life will become a more happy place where you will meet more unique people.

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